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Learn to Speak Some Thai - Comments

Learn to Speak Some Thai - a brief sound-enhanced guide to some very useful Thai phrases, including greetings, every day sayings, food & dining, counting numbers & money and more

cc young   16-November-2002 - 16:37:53
the Thai spelling would be of great help for those of us who are trying to learn both (or at least using Thai spelling as a pronounciation guide)

steven cole   13-March-2004 - 02:40:19
I liked it.

TK   06-September-2005 - 17:57:14
I am Thai so I can tell you that the pronouncings that provided are wrong in many phrases. They are just sound similar but not right. Try some other web like www.learningthai.com

LaLa   22-September-2005 - 13:40:19
this site it sooo cool...i have learn alot..thank you sooo much..and keep up the good work...^_^

martika   14-October-2005 - 01:07:41
wasn't very helpful. i already knew all of them.

Joe   08-June-2006 - 16:59:19
Very Good.

Alex A. Mavronicles   29-March-2007 - 21:11:51
I think the course material is excellent but it would be more effective if the audio were repeated several times.

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