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Thai Language Starter - Comments

Thai Language Starter - a short, text-only guide to some easy-to-learn Thai words, taught by making "off-the-wall" associations to English words

mary   20-December-2001 - 17:38:33
this was by far the most helpful page I have seen for the thai language ever! thank you!

Robert   18-April-2003 - 15:48:47
While the idea of learning by association is good, the "offerings" presented on this website will only steer the beginner into the mispronunciation of words. The romanized spelling found in dictionaries, while not perfect, are much closer to the actual sounds of Thai. If the author of this website thinks that "car" sounds anything like the female word for yes "KA", then he has a alot more studying to do.

Jane   28-June-2003 - 23:52:07
So what does 'KA' sound like. It doesn't appear in my English dictionary and I've never heard of it.

David   04-July-2003 - 21:48:40
Yes, I don't know how you pronounce 'Ka' either. Is it like the 'Ka' in kale, or like the 'Ka' in Kangaroo, or like the 'Ka' in Karma, or like the 'Ka' in kayak?

David   21-July-2003 - 23:18:16
Sometime after my last comment about the possible pronunciation of "Ka", I remembered that Ford introduced a model called the "Ka". So I did some searches on how it should be pronounced and found this comment:-

Is it Ka as in "car"? This is the official Ford pronunciation, but you might look silly when you're trying to explain to someone exactly what type of car you have just bought. "Hey, I've got a new car!"

Cath   17-July-2007 - 17:16:02
Very useful and quite amusing

john   04-August-2007 - 17:30:49
Very useful and simple too. I have been going to Thailand 36 years and this is the best method I have seen. Thanks for a great job.

john Wisor

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