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Telekinesis - Comments

Telekinesis - a illustrated instructional guide to developing - and how not to develop - telekinesis, the ability to move objects from one place to another without using physical contact or the re-shaping of objects using the mind's energies

Dani   19-January-2003 - 04:15:36
this site was wonderful, I spent hours here, reading and learning. I found things on this site that I couldn't find other places, and I've searched for this type of info for years now. (always looking for new info)

Nick   19-May-2003 - 21:22:45
I think that this site is highly helpful. It has a ton of information to help you. the people did a great job of descrbing everything.. i want to say thank you to the people that put the time and effort into this site to help other people. thank you so much

Jewlie S.   01-July-2003 - 20:29:14
Awesome site for beginners or those of the advanced psychic ability.

tk   13-August-2003 - 01:42:34
i need to know if the Just do it method is the right one to practice. I see in every sites the same info, so I need to know the best one thnx

Shannon Johnson   18-November-2003 - 04:48:16
its great,interesting

Mike   07-May-2005 - 17:36:45
This is the best site I ever went to!!!Now I can move my mom across the room.

Kannan   26-June-2005 - 17:32:01
this site is cool but i found another one and now i can use cryokinesis

majority   24-August-2006 - 15:14:46
i like this site so i want to share my telekinesis videos with every body can do it easyly i can help..

http://www.mytempdir.com/883634 with egg in the bowl

http://www.mytempdir.com/881084 with razor

Mike B   15-October-2006 - 01:52:31
Still don't know exactly how your supposed to move the object on the moving small objects bit.. I can feel an invisible wall type thing, is this how it is supposed to feel? I think it's actually your hands getting tired of staying in one place and concentrating on them

lewis   11-January-2007 - 15:46:07
i found this site good because now i have worked out how to control my telekinesis i can make small objects move or spin

edgar   18-July-2007 - 20:35:22
hey ppl this didnt help me could anyone give a link 2 go cuz i think i went to da wrong 1 well can anyone please help sum one e-mail me if u can help

P.VIJAYKUMAR   08-April-2008 - 06:30:43
I amvery much interested in parapsychology.This site has provided me some very useful material.

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