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ABCD: A Basic Course in Dvorak - Comments

ABCD: A Basic Course in Dvorak - an online course in typing with the more efficient Dvorak keyboard layout, with comprehensive practice areas

keni   09-May-2000 - 12:58:35
that method is too hard

matt   02-May-2002 - 20:53:30
bs. I used this method and learnt reliably in 2 weeks, and mastered in one month.

Kika   02-June-2002 - 16:32:15
I found this course very easy to get on with and feel I have improved consderably using it.

Ronette Perez   18-March-2004 - 20:03:06
These exercises were the exact thing I needed to improve on my skills! I pretty much know the board, but I needed to improve on my speed and it helped out alot bucause I dont have to look at the key board any more!! Thanx alot!

Cindy   29-May-2006 - 23:08:16
Boring, as would be expected from a drill class, but well-done and effective. Definitely worth doing.

arslan mahmood   26-March-2009 - 05:06:18
i like this thing

Bubba   16-August-11 - 12:48:44
Keep on wiritng and chugging away!

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