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Italian Language Course for the Internet - Comments

Italian Language Course for the Internet - a conversation-based online Italian course with supporting sound files in both Wave and Real Audio formats, also including sections on Italian grammar and pronunciation

fran bell   03-December-1999 - 19:00:45
Hi, i can get to this site but the page doesn't "open" . would love to use this, let me know if you can help me.

Peter   03-December-1999 - 19:48:56
Hi Fran,

The site seems to be ok, and from where I am loads very quickly. It does, however, use frames, and if you are using an older Web browser that does not support frames you will not be able to view it properly. If this is the case, you can download a new, up-to-date browser for free from either Netscape <http://home.netscape.com/download/> (for Netscape Navigator) or Microsoft <http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/> (for Internet Explorer).

It could also be the case that there is temporary network congestion somewhere in the long chain of routers and tranceivers between you and the Web server that hosts this site. If THIS is the case, simply try later and everything should be fine.

Best wishes,


Peter Hudson <peter@wannalearn.com>
"The Web's best free, family-safe, online tutorials, guides and
instructionally oriented Websites!"



> Hi, i can get to this site but the page doesn't "open" . would love to use this, let me know if you can help me.

bayu   05-May-2001 - 00:45:29
this is what i've been looking for ...

Danielle Dummel   20-May-2001 - 16:40:59
Horrible for Italian, and needs Bulgarian

Charlene   19-January-2002 - 10:22:29
I really enjoyed this site. I was surprised how in-depth these lessons were on this free website.

Tim Peacocke   08-July-2003 - 02:39:06
I thoroughly useful sight.

B Thiyagendran   11-May-2005 - 01:41:22
Hello Sirs,

First of all my heartfelt thanks and congratulaions for conststructing such a fantastic education site. Iam so much impressed with the system and method and I have never seen before such a nice site on the web for any language studies. As a Sri Lankan I would say this site helps me a lot to learn Italian in a easy way.

Once again thank you very much for your great job.


farfallina   14-December-2005 - 06:54:10
I studied the lessons on this web site and it really helped me a lot. It has a simple and nice way of explaning things. Unfortunately there are broken links, to be developed lessons and it is not updated since long but still it is the best free internet italian course for those that want to learn italian on their own.

willy   12-April-2006 - 16:13:06
This site is great but a lot of links don't work at all.

gianinne collotosty   25-December-2007 - 21:37:16
This website should have better pronounciation.

gianinne collotosty   25-December-2007 - 21:38:36
This website should have more english

naresh kumar   04-June-2008 - 00:10:33
This site is very very useful & knoweledgeble and intelegent for who is learning the italian language . I thanks who provide these hepls through internet.
many many thanks,
warms regads,
naresh Kumar

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