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Basic Polish Vocabulary necessary for survival - Comments

Basic Polish Vocabulary necessary for survival - a brief guide with phoenetic spellings to some of the most useful Polish phrases, including such phrases as good morning, good bye, excuse me, yes, no, please, thank you, where is this and more

Ashly   26-April-2002 - 19:47:46
ive always wanted to be polish and this page has brought me 5 steps closer

a   09-May-2002 - 16:13:06
it was a good site and teaches well

Irma Castillo   16-September-2002 - 00:51:02
Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. I am a Mexican woman (43) trying yo learn Polish by myself and this site has encouraged me to do so! Please, if you know about a CD-Rom Polish - Spanish (or English) dictionary, send me the data.

Karolina   04-May-2004 - 05:11:06
I do wana learn Polish laungauge so I wona to do a litle test becouse I know a litle bit of polish

adrian jenny   20-May-2004 - 17:09:11
very nice dziekuje.

Young Van Crenne   27-July-2004 - 16:54:48
Great Stuff! You saved my life mate!

sue   04-August-2004 - 18:15:50

Craig Cook   30-January-2005 - 09:25:01
this is a good site for beginners,

Carlos Vera   10-June-2005 - 06:40:09
Very useful.Ut's the only of it's kind i have found in the internet. A bit incomplete, but you can always say that.

ma   26-June-2005 - 10:16:36
Hey guys! How nice to see that you want to learn my mother tongue!!! Polish is really difficult but so pretty! I wish you much patience with learning it.

Linn   23-January-2006 - 09:14:27
I would like to learn more basic phrases in polish like "you,I,over,under,inside,outside,and,like,have,want,to and so on.

kat   10-May-2006 - 15:15:43
i think you should add voices saying the words as it is easier to learn and you should do longer sentences like its breakfast etc. if you dont do this already.

joe peace   20-October-2006 - 17:04:35
At work we currently have three temp agency workers and they are Polish. They are great people and hard workers. I would like to at least make the effort to learn a few Polish words and phrases and this site is the kind of beginning i was looking for. Im finding it extremely interesting, biased i guess by my admiration for my polish friends...THANKYOU.

H. Niklas   28-October-2006 - 12:55:17
It's good. Can you correct the spelling on this page so that the Polish words are spelled using the Polish alphabet?

Aga   10-February-2008 - 15:57:05
I come from Poland and I think its so great u want to learn some basic polish, it is very nice when u meet peaple who can say even few words in polish like czesc ( hello- sounds like "cheshch") jak sie masz (how are u- sounds like " yahk syeh mash) etc.
Whish U good lock :)

Darrell   14-April-10 - 17:39:25
Nice page, but please correct the Polish words to use the correct Polish letters, e.g. czesc should be cześć.

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