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CampFire Guitar Lessons - Comments

CampFire Guitar Lessons - a set of lessons for the beginner geared towards learning simple, chord style guitar playing, covering the parts of a guitar, basic playing techniques, tuning, chord basics, notes and scales, chord formation, playing chords on guitar, finding songs, chord notation, playing songs and more

Alan Nonnamus   29-April-2001 - 01:27:21
The site "Campfire Guitar Lessons" has too many "Under Construction"
signs and not enough guitar lessons.

sarah   03-October-2002 - 18:30:57
excellent for those who know little about the guitar, but wanting to learn.

Linda   15-August-2003 - 11:46:13
Whats completed is pretty good. I am having to teach myself since no one in my area teaches guitar. So anything which adds insight is very much appreciated. Thanks

dixie   23-May-2004 - 14:49:57
where's the stuff on the guitar??? This all relates to the piano and to the theory of chords. I just want to know how to play the geetar cos you sure can't play a grand piano by the campfire.
The only relevant bits are 'under construction'.......

dwight   29-June-2004 - 21:27:21
excellent site theory is really good to know. just wish it were completed

adam   11-January-2006 - 13:47:13
looks good

Jimmy Joe Bob   27-January-2006 - 20:11:18
This comment is under construction.

Gabriel   16-January-2007 - 09:46:18
it was not finished. it was not fully constructed and spoke too much about piano cords and nothing about guitar cords

Hank   31-October-11 - 13:12:27
I'm impressed! You've managed the almost impsosilbe.

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