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UNIX Shell Scripting - Comments

UNIX Shell Scripting - an online course course on writing Bourne shell Scripts, with instruction in basic UNIX topics, storing frequently used commands in files, using UNIX utilities, performing search and replace in several files, using command-line arguments for flexibility, using functions, trapping signals, understanding command translation, writing advanced loops, forking remote shells, using quotes and more

Akm Rabby   09-February-2001 - 10:13:24
It is very helpful good one

Kathryn Lybarger   15-February-2001 - 07:08:50
A nice overview -- lots of useful examples!

Sivam   17-January-2003 - 13:34:04
It's really Interesting to refer and also to learn
Keep it up


Naren   17-May-2003 - 10:47:01
Good site,Must readble

Mike D.   30-May-2004 - 08:53:56
very good reference for shell course

Jeet Sharma   16-November-2004 - 09:00:26
It was very helpful information I found on the net. Thanks a Lot.

sathish   08-February-2006 - 18:51:06
this site is good

mahiteja   02-November-2008 - 00:13:11
it is splendid

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