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Flamenco Techniques By Hani Qassim - Comments

Flamenco Techniques By Hani Qassim - an illustrated tutorial on some right-hand flamenco guitar techniques, covering 3, 4 and 5-stroke rasgueos, triplet rasgueos, the alzap˙a, the flamenco tremolo, picado and more

largo   13-December-2002 - 04:27:13
flamenco techniqes by hani qassim

dewey   28-December-2002 - 14:28:57
Well explained, easy to understand. Thank you Hani for disseminating such useful information. Highly recommend this site.

John   26-October-2003 - 23:30:38
Nice intro to right hand technique. Thanks!

trang   14-October-2005 - 00:18:45
what is flamenco guitar?
please give me some special details of flamenco guitar
please send me some pictures of it

Lemmuela   28-May-2009 - 23:30:28
An easily-understood approach to right-hand flamenco techniques, coupled with instructional yet informal language, brings the package for all to see. Very well done. Thank you for the helpful explaination.

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