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Teach Yourself C in 21 Days - Comments

Teach Yourself C in 21 Days - a complete, online book designed so that beginners can teach themselves the C programming language in 21 days, covering how to get started, the components of a C program , storing data, statements, expressions, and operators, functions, basic program control, input and output, numeric arrays, pointers, characters and strings, structures, variable scope, advanced program control, how to work with the screen, printer, and keyboard, disk files, the C function library, memory, advanced compiler use and more

Martin Lavallée   11-July-2000 - 09:08:35
Very describing and easy to read. That page is in my top 2 about C/C++ programming.

Mesfin 20   05-November-2000 - 23:24:07
Hi, my name is mesfin 20. currently I am a student in college,magering programming. I realy thank you for this web site publisher. this web site is very helpful. I have been learning a lot from this web site, but sometimes I could not get access to use. whenever I click on Teach yourself c in 21 days, I will get something which says " sorry or the web site is busy" Is there something wrong with my computer? or am I doing something wrong? please help me out before the end of this semester. I realy aprciate for your help. I am looking forward for your answer.
thank you very much.

Carrie   06-November-2000 - 06:37:59
Mesfin 20, thanks for pointing that out to us. That site was having problems, so we have switched to another - hopefully more reliable - mirror of the site.


teddy   29-November-2000 - 13:34:47
This is very interesting web site, but sometimes i am an able to see the figures.

Endale Negewo   01-December-2000 - 15:40:06
I just want to learn computer programming and if you Guys hlpe me on-line and May GOD bells

marcus   12-February-2001 - 13:05:02
This site is awsome! It teaches you almost every computer language. But do you guys have anything about python computer language?

IDNSMB   13-February-2001 - 12:14:02
Very good

Sonique   30-March-2001 - 04:20:35
Yes! This is what I have been looking for!. Great site;

To the creator: One small tip: When you look at the first chapter, your objective is to view and understand the script. It would be easy to put the script in a frame, (frame up I suggest), and then read the text. So you don't have to switch from the script to the explainition for about 20 times.

Greetz of a happy user,


Nataraj Kumar B.S.   20-April-2001 - 04:44:52
It is very easy to follow & understand. It is most usefull even for beginers like me. It gives complete & most required lessons.

Only the problum I faced is, when I click "Figure link" (say Figure 9.4) I did not got figures which I felt most important when some of the explanations were based on these figures ( at the time of pointers I felt difficult without the "Figures" link)

My sincere thanks to Wannalearn.com which helped me to get such a good & text & to the author.

- Nataraj Kumar

Ajay Goel   17-August-2001 - 16:20:06
I was reading the online version of the book "Teach yourself C in 21 days". It is a very wonderful effort to put this book online and is a immensely useful piece of text for the beginners. However,the links to the "figures" are not functional..So if you hit the link for any "figure...." to read the source code..nothing would happen..
I am not sure if everybody is experiencing the same problem..or its just me. If it is not working for everybody..is it possible to fix this problem, as it would help a lot in reading the actual source codes to generate those functions.

Kenneth   17-September-2001 - 10:56:49
First of all I love this site! I`ve learned a lot from it, however I really miss the appendix... And I`ve also, like others experienced problems with the figures. My browser says thats it some kind of javascript error..???

rob   03-April-2002 - 10:42:22
great tut!

nebojsa dargicevic   21-May-2002 - 16:59:00
I have (only) "downlovded" this pages for my dother. But whitch I have seen
'on the fly' my opinion that are more tha correct. N.D.

Sinta Ramos   06-July-2002 - 20:19:08
I want to learn about C language

theng   25-September-2003 - 02:12:43

I think this is a very good web site. But i keep experience'the page caanot be display or found" Thks.

looking forward to yr upgrading...


Anoop   15-February-2006 - 00:26:16
Very good Site to understand c

Gilles   17-March-2008 - 13:21:00
i will be very pleased to learn the c programming language. because it`s will help me on my field of study

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