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Graphics & Stuff - a collection of step-by-step illustrated tutorials in how to achieve certain effects in graphics programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, including such tutorials as "Plastic Text", "feathered Edges", "Basic Fades", "Using Halftone Effects", "Logo Design Tips", "Graphic Philosophy 101", "Typography Basics" and more

Firey Leo   03-May-2002 - 01:34:38
Cool stuff, especially for the web developers to understand the easyness to play with images!

Antonio   19-December-2002 - 23:52:51
Wonderful site. You thought me something the book could not teach me.

aspen poplar   17-February-2006 - 04:27:14
great stuff, i'm just starting to teach graphic art and these pages are excellent for my students, many thanks.

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