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A Brief Photoshop Tutorial - Comments

A Brief Photoshop Tutorial - a short, illustrated, basic tutorial in making adjustments to an image after scanning by using Adobe Photoshop, including such parameters as the brightness and contrast, the color, noise reduction (Moire pattern), cropping, sharpening and more

aj   30-April-2002 - 23:24:04
easy to read and understand.Clearly laid out with the images making it easier to understand

m alam   26-February-2005 - 09:14:05
i need this tutorial. please help me.

santosh   26-November-2005 - 11:58:57
it's so nice. actually i cant find such words to regret my towards it.

John Siamkas   28-March-2007 - 12:36:21
Very good to start with!!

nina_incognito   27-July-2007 - 04:32:40
I consider myself computer illiterate and am self-taught, but you made it sound so simple Thank YOU!!

ashley   11-February-10 - 02:35:56
i thought it was very usefull . i have been using photshop for a few weeks now and have learnt things i didnt know yet.

Neveah   02-July-11 - 21:45:44
Yup, that'll do it. You have my appreciiaotn.

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