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Ticks on Trips: Photoshop Ticks - Comments

Ticks on Trips: Photoshop Ticks - step-by-step illustrations that show you how to achieve certain "cool" effects in Adobe Photoshop, including raised text, stone / lunar textures, cutouts, easy grids, spongy textures, hot stuff, synthetic grass, alien synapses, water drops, spuds cloth, whirlwind, explosive type and more

Mary   16-February-2003 - 13:02:53
Neat stuff.

Janelle   02-July-11 - 08:38:30
Big help, big help. And spueraltive news of course.

Kassie   31-October-11 - 07:08:53
Appercaitoin for this information is over 9000—thank you!

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