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Adobe Photoshop Tips - Comments

Adobe Photoshop Tips - a selection of tips from Adobe, the manufacture of Photoshop, including how to lock and web-shift colors, create transparent type effects, use a layer mask for special animated effects, animate a still image along a path, slice images for quick Web page creation, add color changes to animations, repair damaged photos and more

Richard   28-March-2002 - 20:47:46
Very good tutorial

raj   15-January-2004 - 12:11:18
i wanna learn photoshop 7.0...

dwi   04-November-2008 - 20:15:30
i like photoshop, photoshop is my dream, and i hope..i get photoshop tips.., thank you....

anuj agrawal   13-September-10 - 06:33:41

Mahala   23-September-11 - 17:49:24
Play informative for me, Mr. inteernt writer.

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