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Furniture Finishing & Antique Refinishing Articles - instructional articles and guides on wood finishing topics, including such articles as "The Anatomy of a Wood Finish", "Butcher Block Counter Tops and Cutting Board Surfaces", "Color Theory for the Woodworker & Furniture Finisher", "Stripping Wood Furniture", "Lacquer Finishing Problems Self Help Trouble Shooting ", "Finishing Schedule for Kitchen Cabinets", "Wax - The Perfect Protection for Furniture?", "Solving Clogged Spouts", "How to Get the Most from Cyanoacrylate", "Aniline Dye", "Shellac Flake, Mixing and Application Information ", "Guide to French Polishing With Shellac", "Rottenstone & Pumice for Finish Rubbing", "Using Liberon Wood Cleaner & Wax Remover" and more

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