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Guitar Player Online: Lessons - archived online guitar lessons from a variety of professional guitarists, including such lessons as "Add Aloha to Your Picking", "Chord-over-Chord Soloing", "Comping with Bass Lines", "Courting Chaos. Inventing your own alternate tunings", "Creating Scales", "Diminished Blues", "Double-Stop Workout", "Guts & Grace: Exclusive lesson on Carlos Santana's signature phrases", "Gypsy Scales & Oriental Modes", "Hybrid Blues Scales", "I Hate Arpeggios", "Instant Wes", "Jazzy Sweeps", "Medieval Finger Torture", "Melodic Minor Mayhem", "Pianist Envy", "Road Scholar: Idiot's Guide to Chord Melody", "Rumba Strumming", "Sequence Secrets", "Ska Building Blocks", "Steeling the Blues", "The Harmonic Porcupine", "Triad Power" and more

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