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The Youth Online Club - Kids Crafts Corner - short, step-by-step, text-based guides for kids to making a variety of crafts, including alphabet art, apothecary carry-all, basic finger paint, chocolate covered frogs, clouds, crystal garden, dragon scales, edible play dough, face and body paint, fairy tambourine, falling stars, fizzing potion, flubber, fog, glass glue, goofy putty, grow snow, hourglass pendant, how to make a compass, invisible ink, paper mache paste, party lights, pasta dye, paste, play-doh, poster paint, pudding finger paint, puffy fish, rock candy, rug tote bag, salt glitter, scary make-up, slime, smoking fingers, soap boat, soap crayons, spy glass, stalactites and stalagmites, treasure map, volcano, wizard/witch hats and more

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