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Delia Online Cookery School: How To - step-by-step, photo-enhanced guides to an array of general cooking topics, covering how to bake a pastry case, how to boil an egg, carve a duck or chicken, cook perfect pasta or rice, crack a coconut, decorate a Christmas cake, dry-roast spices, fry an egg, fry and grill fish, line a cake tin, make all-in-one white sauce, an omelette, bread sauce, caramel, custard, gravy, hollandaise, marmalade, mayonnaise, meringues, pancakes, quick flaky pastry, scones, strawberry preserve, vinaigrette, wholemeal bread or Yorkshire pudding, mash potatoes, melt chocolate, poach an egg, poach and steam fish, prepare exotic fruit, roast potatoes and vegetables, separate an egg, slice and chop onions, steam asparagus or potatoes, whisk egg whites and more

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