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WebMuseum, Paris: Famous Artworks - hypertext instructional articles on key traditions and artists in Western art history, covering 20th century art, Abstract Expressionism, Art of the Edo Period, Art of the Fantastic, art since 1867, Artistic Emigres, Asuka and Nara Art, Baroque art history, Expressionism, Fauvism, Gothic Painting, Heian Art, Impressionism, International Gothic Style, Japanese Art and Architecture, Japanese Prehistory, Kamakura Art, Late Gothic Painting, Matisse as a master of color, Momoyama Art, Muromachi Art, Picasso and Cubism, Pop Art, Pre-War American Painting, Pure Abstraction, Revolution and Restoration, the Age of Machinery, the Early Renaissance, the High Renaissance, the Italian Renaissance, the Northern Renaissance and much more

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