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Think how useful it would be to have an iron-clad memory -- one that would allow you to remember everyone's name, every stock symbol, and every question on the exam! While almost no one has a perfect memory, there are numerous ways you can improve your ability to recall facts, figures and faces. Here are some tips and strategies!

  • Many people mistakenly believe they have a poor memory, when in fact their inability to recall things is primarily a fault of not observing things properly in the first place, or making any effort to encode the material into their memories. There are literally dozens of strategies to help you memorize things, and many will be effective if you think to use them at the time.
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  • Strive for a deeper understanding. There is psychological evidence to suggest that the more you understand about your material, the more you will remember and retain it, regardless of what memorization technique you use, or how many times you repeat the material to yourself.
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  • Get a good night's rest! The latest neurological research indicates that people who get a good night's sleep after learning and practicing a new task remember more about it the next day than do people who pull an all-nighter trying to learn the same thing. Researchers speculate that sleep can "wash away" superfluous, undesirable memories, crystallizing the salient information you have previously learned.
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  • Rehearse what you have learned! In other words go over what you are trying to learn repeatedly -- the good old fashioned rote memorization technique still works! For best results, and distribute to your rehearsal sessions on successive days, rather than try to cram it all into one long marathon session.
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