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Rocket's How to Draw Manga - Comments

Rocket's How to Draw Manga - an illustrated, step-by-step guide to drawing in the Japanese Manga style, with notes on the Basic anatomy of Manga hair, Manga eyes, using Photoshop and Super deform, and specific techniques for drawing Sasami Kawaii, Ryoko, Son Goku and Lum

drew weary   01-August-2003 - 03:51:52
thank whoever wrote this site and helped its really made me feel more comfortable with drawing now that i know more about what im doing!!!

michelle france   04-August-2003 - 15:22:05
oh my gosh,
This site rocks!!!!!!!!!

danny   05-December-2003 - 12:59:31
thanks man really helped me good job!

Alex   26-April-2004 - 12:40:03
Lo Poyo Mahiko la ochava marabilha de loooo mundo!!!

Shinji Hatemaru   14-May-2004 - 19:26:04
The steps were great I improved a lot!!!

adam   24-May-2004 - 23:11:18
i didnt think this site was really informative. And there was this weird popup link bar that I had to keep closing down. Annoying.

Tumi   25-July-2004 - 14:12:14
Very good

amber   15-October-2004 - 19:38:23
yo this site is awsome i learned to draw from a friend but improved here

Legato   06-November-2004 - 18:41:36
Ehh.....Needs more info on how to do things.....i guess.....

lucy   27-January-2005 - 16:00:02
i prefer the characters to look a bit more serious. They look so happy!!!!!!!!!!! but great work

sophie   29-August-2005 - 07:28:27
i think this site was alot of use, i had to draw a character from a tv show, i drew ash and got a* in my exams. thankyou very much rocket. now i can get into art school!

Ashley   15-November-2005 - 13:23:00
I love it! I hope you add more to it. Like InuYasha and other anime things.

Dave   03-March-2006 - 09:03:00
Thought this site was more realistic in it's approach than some. Kept it to the basics...I am not looking for perfection, just some fun.

Kristina   31-March-2006 - 16:34:25
Julias how to draw manga site is better than yours ^ ^

jazzy   29-May-2006 - 03:09:30
this websit just helped me a lot.!!!. i'm happy !!! ^_^

Shai   25-February-2007 - 15:07:26
I'm was very impressed with this site! I got a lot of useful info, thanks much!

Dude   03-March-2007 - 19:35:54
Make a way to draw special deformed males, it would be usefell to see what shapes you use, i just cant figure out how to draw a male. Good like julie's site ^__________________^

max   22-March-2007 - 16:19:58
really good site it helped my drawings alot though u should put something in on how to draw bodies or clothes

Tara   08-December-2007 - 19:28:33
:} great, it's where I learned a new awesome eye lol.

megan russo   10-January-2008 - 15:51:59
i really liked your sight i ALLWAYS had troubble with the eyes hope fully i can start drawling then with out thinking it looks stupid

Beka m   26-July-2008 - 22:45:17
ur sites pretty gud "Rocket" but maybe add some more examples on the hair one and some different eye examples. Oh, and check ur spelling on the super deformed page (don't fret to much, it's probably just my computer). you seem really talented and good at explaining stuff. I'm 11 and only started early last year but you'd be amazed how much i'ved learned in a year and a half. Maybe I'll see ur work around. Oh, and is ur name really "Rocket" or is that just a nickname?

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