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How to draw Freeza from Dragon Ball Z - Comments

How to draw Freeza from Dragon Ball Z - illustrated lesson about how to draw Freeza

andrew harris   14-January-2003 - 16:21:18
this is the worst drawing of freizza i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

nefer   06-June-2003 - 01:19:49
cool pic! got a piccolo tutorial?

moises   18-March-2004 - 22:23:12
it`s so cool and i learn how to draw

kai   25-September-2004 - 10:52:42
that isnt freeza thats a copy crappy copy of a female version of freeza

amber   15-October-2004 - 19:58:25
yo this is alright it helped me with ther drawings

laser   20-June-2005 - 21:30:09
eh, its ok

sally   04-July-2005 - 18:37:26
i liked your

Willaim Harris   24-October-2005 - 17:56:46
You make it so complicated. It needs more steps.WHERE THE HECK ARE THE STEPS

Kagome   08-March-2006 - 13:22:38
Ok i like how u can draw freeza!cool...but can u draw Goku,Gohan,anybody else,or even Inuyasha?^-^

juank   06-April-2006 - 03:54:40
this drawing sucks it looks like the lost sister of freeza...

tre monte   20-May-2006 - 21:15:22
that is a Good drawing of friezas mother freda

Hope   29-June-2006 - 16:22:13
Luved it..simple ND EASY TO FOLLOW..

rae   10-August-2006 - 23:12:28
nice freeza....

rae   10-August-2006 - 23:14:30
ok so it isnt freeza.... its feeza's lil sis, icey...

x-FriezaRocks-x   15-September-2006 - 15:13:01
i always wanted a frieza drawing tutorial so thanks! it helped me out :)

stephen lacy   19-January-2007 - 15:53:43
it was great fun and it would have been nice to do other charicters

alb99   13-March-2007 - 20:37:48
This is not freeza. The is a crappy drawing of freeza. This looks like freeza's wife. lmao "freeza's wife"

Amev   07-April-2007 - 02:02:30
its okay...i mean...better than what i could probably do...well maybe...just keep on practising

WTF Boy 101   02-May-2007 - 23:23:10
Umm dude u really need to watch DBZ more freeza no lookie likea that ... T_t its ok but u can do better i bet ur the new dbz maker lol its fine ^^ peace

williamanderson   10-May-2007 - 21:34:10

Angel   28-September-2007 - 09:58:07
I like the drawing, he kinda looks like a girl though. It's still good but if you watch the old episodes you could probably make the structure of the face better so he doesn't look like a girl. Don't think I'm criticizing it, it's still really good.

frieza   06-February-2008 - 08:02:57
it kinda looks like frieza but like every1 else says, too girly, and if u wanna make him look BETTER u could get some real pics of him aight? idk up 2 u tho

caleb   29-March-2008 - 11:30:43
this looks nothing like him

Freezas lover   11-June-2008 - 01:31:46
i have a HUGE crush on freeza and you made him look like some kind of freak, also he doesnt have a big bald head hes just thinning...

fang   30-July-2008 - 19:58:00
nice drawing and dont let anyone tell you dif

grad   16-March-2009 - 16:09:46
cool frieza

you   27-September-2009 - 09:42:27

gerome terrado   03-August-11 - 06:42:04

israel   29-September-11 - 09:42:23

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