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Magna University - Comments

Magna University - detailed, iluustrated online tutorials for drawing anime, covering such topics as applying screen tone, anime clothing and folds, gdrawing a general anime face, how to draw backgrounds, how to draw anime ears, drawing eyes, how to draw anime hands, how to draw anime males and more

Robert   29-June-2000 - 13:35:08
This site was the greatest learn how to draw website I've ever seen and it's really helping me with my drawing.

Micheal   02-July-2000 - 15:00:44
Man I just checked this site out and it is great! If you want to draw manga come to this site!! You learn everything you need to learn from this site. Don't take my word for it check it out yourself you will like it.

Peter   20-July-2000 - 19:21:34
This site Rocks!!!I already know how to draw good heads and faces but bodies is a problem, this site made it so clear to me of how to draw anime bodies...now i can improve my drawings and comics...thanks Julie

Matt   17-August-2000 - 22:40:00
I love this site! I was pretty good at drawing anime when i first started without any help. Now im doing alot better, and my friends at school keep wanting my sketches!

Bunnie   24-September-2000 - 23:41:39
Wow Julie! It is quite apparent that she is classically trained perhaps? Not only does she show you how to draw anime, but she uses correct form and everthing! Very helpful resource!

Eugene Kim   30-September-2000 - 18:43:54
Great site, excellent artist. My idol and new hero.


Maya   18-October-2000 - 17:11:15
This site is awsome! I learned how to draw anime in less than a week!!! You must check it out!!

Maya   18-October-2000 - 17:25:14
I love this site!!! I learned how to draw anime in less than a week!!!
I really suggest you check it out!^-^

Manji   27-November-2000 - 19:17:05
Four words.

This site kicks Behind !

no   02-December-2000 - 15:51:45
this is a good page

Jonathan   02-December-2000 - 21:51:11

tanja   09-December-2000 - 16:43:16
well, i´ve found an other great site for all of you who want to learn how to draw mangakas.
the url is: http://www.mangakas.de ... and it´s no german site but done by a german.

THERE is a really HUGE drawing section, which seems to be updated nearely all 3 days!

Louie   11-December-2000 - 17:52:39
Nice tutorial site for drawing anime

George   30-December-2000 - 18:40:43
I learnd skeching from this site

Jammer   01-January-2001 - 16:34:56
EXCELLENT SITE, I don't think I can say enough about it. Too cool. The only thing is she gets angry to you request new "specific character" tutorials (but I can sympathize) Other than that Julie is a heroine and.. I just can say enough about this site. I learned anime fast with just a few printoffs. SOOOO COOOL I COMMAND YOU TO GO HERE

sailormoon2nd   02-January-2001 - 11:28:53
This site helped me learn to draw the way I tried to learn to on other sites. This site goes into more detail than the site rated 10.0 and it gives extra info and helpful tips!

So if you want to go from HOW to WOW in anime drawing this is the site for you!!!!!!

Kyo   06-January-2001 - 01:50:54
This site rocks! I started from scratch until my classmate told me to check this site out. It rules! Keep it up! Keep on rollin, baby!

josh   10-January-2001 - 13:54:34
Thanx julie...at least that's what I figured your name would be...it is right...?anyway I just wanted to thank you for teaching me about half of what I know now about drawing girls everyone is telling me how good they are!

Seran   17-January-2001 - 12:26:04
One of the best sites I have ever seen!
What can I say...?
If you want to learn how to draw anime this site is a must!!

Kara   22-January-2001 - 15:07:49
I looked through all of the sites listed for drawing anime, and found this one to be among the most useful. I have been working on picking up techniques of anime for some time, and most of what I saw was very accurate, and wonderfully done. The way the site was set up was easy to manuever as well, and I could find everything I wanted without a huge fuss. I managed to produce a piece good enough to pass my inspection from the site as well, and that definitely counts for something.

samige   09-February-2001 - 03:45:53
This is a very comprehensive tutorial which I feel will help beginers and even some veterans. I enjoyed Julie's tutorial and recommend it to all who want to create their own characters.

Robert   12-February-2001 - 09:18:29
Very good Lots of good info and felt it was very well writen and layed out a defent A+ job.


Michael   23-February-2001 - 05:16:54
If you couldn't draw or needed to perfect your style,this is the best site to learn. It's quick and easy.^_^

Tom   07-May-2001 - 20:23:33

Aaron Pratt   08-May-2001 - 11:42:37
Man this site is bangin you dig I learned a lot from this website and try the other website with her fan art, sketches,and personal art.

enrique   11-May-2001 - 16:07:02
your site rocks but please put more about body drawings

Cliff   16-May-2001 - 12:55:06
I only had time to give this a cursory glance, but that glance told me a lot. This is probably one of the best sites to learn to draw from, period. It is easy to read and understand and it actually provides useful information and explains things. It has examples, but it is not just examples. For beginners or anyone who just wants to refresh their memory this is great.

Angel Roa   18-May-2001 - 11:11:38
Julie's homepage rocks! It took me a heckuva lot of good paper to draw manga the japanese way. Now, I started drawing my own manga characters with her tutorials. So far, her website kicks ass! Literally, ^_^. Send me some of your best work and maybe I can send some of mine. Thanx! Julie rocks!!

juliana   20-May-2001 - 20:32:14
great site!

AleTae   26-May-2001 - 19:38:24
THIS SITE ROCKS! I learned how to draw simple forward facing heads in less than a day. Well my heads arent the best, they r better than my brothers ^_^
Can u plz add more info on body drawing and clothing drawing. The hair tutorials helped me alot. Now i can draw myself in anime.
This is the most useful site ive seen.
Thanx Julie for making this site.

Molly   17-July-2001 - 13:15:45
Julie can draw some of the most fabulous work I've seen. I highly recommend her tutorials. Infact, I always recommend them to people in dire need.

Jonathan   20-August-2001 - 22:30:18
This is a cool and amazing website. I learned how to draw Trunks on DBZ and Cloud on FF7. You really learn how to draw.

Jonathan   20-August-2001 - 22:33:23
This is a really cool and amazing website! I learned how to draw Trunks DBZ and Cloud on FF7. You can really learn to draw with Julie's help.

Prince of the Zoras   24-August-2001 - 02:46:56
I like it how the site shows how to draw existing characters, especially Cloud from FFVII. But I would like to learn how to draw 'Zelda' characters(e.g. the Zoras and Princess Ruto).

Justin H.   26-August-2001 - 11:45:13
I found this web site to be most helpful. A must-see! Thank you, Julie
for all of the time and effort you put into this!

gene   04-September-2001 - 18:34:29
I just wanna say that julie's site is the best! I learned how to draw bodies in less than three days.

Alexia   05-November-2001 - 18:20:11
Great site. Very good for beginners.

Sam   09-December-2001 - 18:50:33
I love this site. I am 14 and I'm starting to get the hang of drawing originals. The only problem are the hands. Drawing hands is difficult. But this site teaches you a great deal on faces. This site has helped me to draw and create different styles of anime eyes.And also the basic shapes of the head. I can't thank Julie enough....

josh   15-December-2001 - 00:43:24
hey thank you so much for your site it has helped me a lot and now i draw much better.

Luke   18-December-2001 - 13:08:38
This web site has help me alot for the past three mounth.Its the best learning web site ever.

Kristen   22-December-2001 - 21:59:10
Hiya :) I was looking at some sites that would help me draw some anime characters. THIS SITE WAS SOOOO COOL! I copied some of the stuff and put it in a folder so I can always go back to it. And I really love your drawings!!! ^-^

Taylor   09-February-2002 - 13:39:15
I love this site!!! It was great! It helped me a lot with my drawing and coloring on the computer! If you just like anime all over and wanna learn to draw it, this is the site for you!

jess   23-February-2002 - 21:51:53
awesome sight, very helpful and stuffage

Jay   03-March-2002 - 11:25:33
I liked the site... yeah it has some pretty good tutorials and I still haven't seen anything like it yet [3-03-02]

Brina   07-March-2002 - 19:30:48
Wow!! Your site is really great!! It really helped. At first I thought it would be one of those corny sites but it wasn't!!

anime_king   03-April-2002 - 22:04:41
this web taught me how to draw mouths eyes expessions.i only new how to draw dragon ball z but now i Know how to draw much more.i love this website.

Darnell   27-April-2002 - 02:46:51
Wow!I really learned how ta draw DBZ characters really good now, cuz befoe i didnt knoe how ta draw DBZ characters.U_U

Sabrina   18-May-2002 - 13:52:04
This site is the GREATEST!!
I have improved alot since I went to this site ^-^

jacob   25-May-2002 - 19:18:24
this site helped me to acomplish my dream of drawing anime and manga cartoons thanks julie u the best

Matt   04-June-2002 - 10:01:36
This site is great, I just started coming here yesterday and I am much much better at drawing than I was two days ago. I would highly recommend it to all my friends.

Desmond Leake   06-June-2002 - 11:52:17
It taught me alot about how to draw anime.It has great techniques which made it easy for a begginer to draw anime.

Christopher   08-June-2002 - 19:57:05
This helped me draw for sure i could not draw very good before now i can!!!!!

Evildracon   10-June-2002 - 15:51:33
nice nice!

Yugi   17-June-2002 - 23:29:13
this sight helped me alot to draw better i might even start my own comic book with all this help(oh and by the way im a girl not a guy and i didnt get the nickname off of Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Gogetaman   27-June-2002 - 22:24:24
this was cool now i can draw anime even better

Thang-of-death   15-July-2002 - 15:33:01
Ayo! this site rocks the internet! I love drawing anime and this helped me so much! daunkoo very much!

mystery   28-July-2002 - 16:36:07
this sight is great! I learned how to draw anime in such a short period of time!

Buddy   30-July-2002 - 11:43:07
i think this website is awesom now i can really draw i just want to thank u

mystery   30-July-2002 - 19:06:57
All I got to say is
this site rocks!!!!!!!!

Alyssa   02-August-2002 - 13:10:08
I found this originally on HowtoDrawManga.com and it helped me a lot

David   08-August-2002 - 08:17:12
simply the best!

Boh dan   30-August-2002 - 00:45:52
Theres nothing on male characters, theres no effect for PSP or PS, theres no help full forums, and the tutorial was unclear and not in detail. Ill stick with polykarbon, thank you.

steve   02-October-2002 - 14:45:36
This site is wicked cool. There should be more sites like this one

Fiona   16-October-2002 - 22:30:56
I think this site is so cool! keep it up!

Miri   25-October-2002 - 07:24:02
It's great, but...you need to add more to make it perfect. Like: how to shade, how to draw a male's body, how to draw chibis, and how to draw shoes, hats, extra. But on what you have, I loved it!

Shiva   16-November-2002 - 01:13:36
I learned the basics from you and took some tips from my friends. I'm on the anime club at school and some of the people I met there told me about this site. I told them, that's where I learned how to draw. You guys got my girls drawn out right but what about the male figure. Other wise this site rocks!

Josh   20-November-2002 - 19:25:39
Great site , must be the best Adobe Photoshop tutorial around!

Robert   22-November-2002 - 18:59:00
This site is pretty good for tips on drawing things that other sites did not have. I like the facial expressions, because that helped me draw alot of different expressions for certain characters. I still need to find how to draw DRAGONBALLZ arms. If you know anysites please EMAIL ME. I hate the arms, im starting to learn how to draw them , but not quite yet. This site rules though. Just get me on aol sometime:Truballer23@aol.com


Tash   22-November-2002 - 20:08:10
This site is great!! It's helping me a lot! ^_~

Katie   24-November-2002 - 16:40:45
Hey ppl, this site is the greatest I agree 100%. Know you can learn how to draw your own characters like goku, sailor moon, etc. Anyway if theres other great site post em here I wanna know.

Michael   24-December-2002 - 11:03:19
first i want to say thanks Julie this site is awsome i printed off everything literaly EVERYTHING!!! but what im having trouble with is hands
and bodies oh and i find eyes hard . but i was wondering if you could email me and kinda help me on it ....well thanks alot you put alot of hard work in to this site and good luck and keep up the good work.^^

jeff   04-January-2003 - 01:52:07
I like your site but what I really, really need is how to draw shoes, boots, high heels,& Sneakers any thing really
I can't get it right at all the only way I've been able to draw detailed shoes is by looking at a strategy guide for a game
But you run out of ways to draw when you do that

Miruna Rebaar (My alias)   07-January-2003 - 21:43:22
Wow. That's all I have to say. I love your site, an' I don't know what I'll ever do without it! you go!

josh   21-January-2003 - 00:16:35
i learned quiet a bit from this web site and found my own style of drawing,thank you

Justin   20-February-2003 - 17:38:52
It is a good site for begginers to learn from.

Some One Who looked at ur drawing   11-March-2003 - 01:37:22
this site is really nice, but the only one thing i dont like about it is, it didn't show u the real basic, well they have some but the basic i m talking about is start with the sketch,like circle so far none of the site i been on are interested me.i think u should add the real basic like i said the real basic

Ruxi Zhang   11-April-2003 - 23:19:22
Great site and extremely helpful, could do with a section dedicated to hands

Ali   14-April-2003 - 21:23:34
The tutorials are allright,but it doesnt exactly help me that much.Although the tutorials on the hair are awesome,everything else isnt good enough ^^

patrick   15-April-2003 - 00:15:25
dear sir/madam
your site is.........THE BEST! unbelivable. i was fasinated by the things there are, there were tutorials and othe things. this site is so good i recomend it to all that want to be a anime artist.

from patrick

Jo   16-April-2003 - 16:51:30
Like it!!! Some hard words to crack for me sins Im from Norway.
pS. have usa gotten FFx-2??????????

Takeda   29-April-2003 - 22:40:19
Thumbs up

Inu   01-May-2003 - 17:43:43

Kim   26-May-2003 - 15:32:20
Awesome site!!!!!!!!! It taught me alot for free!!

Lemaninio   30-May-2003 - 15:24:59
This site does definately NOT r0o0r0x!

Jyinx   27-June-2003 - 16:30:39
Heh, maybe there is hope for me. Cool site

Nick Saucier   14-July-2003 - 00:23:16
I love this site. It was so helpful to me that I created my own comic. Thank you so much Julie for making this sight and keep this site up and running. P.S.- anyone who reads this, e-mail me more tips on drawing.

Mike   21-July-2003 - 03:59:00
Wow, this site really helped! I mean i couldn't draw anime at all but now i can easily. Its really easy to understand and perfect for beginners like me!

celina   21-July-2003 - 10:44:53
this anime site helped alot cool site too

goran   29-July-2003 - 17:06:02
i'm 3d animator...

Spike_Spiegel_Lv4   12-August-2003 - 10:43:01
(i used that name b/c more people know me by that)
When i first started drawing anime/manga i found myself at this site. The turotials there helped me much. In just a few weeks, i had already created a dozen origonal characters. Now, two months later...well, just think about it!

Josh   12-August-2003 - 22:27:44
So far i have become alot better than i ever have,The last one didnt help me as much as this one i am glade i found this website.

jake   24-August-2003 - 01:05:26
this site is the best site out of all of them. this site rules.

lisa   06-September-2003 - 16:11:51
i know how to draw anime except the body but now i'm good. but i still don't know how to draw characters from final fantasy x

Mimi   24-September-2003 - 20:35:42
This is where I learned how to draw its the best!! ^_^

joe   01-October-2003 - 20:02:37
meh not working

corrina   28-October-2003 - 20:59:19
THIS SITE IS AWESOME!!! i was having trouble drawing a few things and this site helped a lot! i shall recommend this site to anyone whos having a problem drawing!!

azrael   14-November-2003 - 08:26:58
awesome site

Derick   19-November-2003 - 16:11:44
Great site i major in Art but very nicely done heh i learned i few things from the Photoshop things although i use abdobe PS 7

Monkey   28-November-2003 - 13:54:59
Thank you Julie by the way love your art work and thanks again for helping me draw much much better... i really recomend this site to all who wish to draw thanks again for helping Julie (HUGS) lol

Lor   29-December-2003 - 10:10:52
Great tutorial, Julie... when I first started to draw, a few years ago already (my how the time flies, lol) your tutorials helped me a LOT. Now I searched them up again cos my uncle wants me to draw him a DBZ charactor and, since I haven't drawn any DBZ since I started, I came by for a quick refresher... not to say I haven't been back before, I pop in from time to time to take a look at the clothing and folds tutorials >_< *hates folds* Anyways, I noted I could comment you and just wanted to say thanks, between your tutorial and the BakaNeko.com one, it got me started as a young teen, and now as I graduate and go on to continue my education, I'm starting in illustrating and graphics design, with my continued interest in drawing. So thanks for your great free tutorial, and now you know it's affected at least one person in more than an "LIEK OMG!!!!11!!!oneone!!11 THIS IS LIEK TEH BESTEST DBZ TWOTORYALL EVER!!!!11!11 CHECK IT OUT OR U'LL ALL BE LOOZERS!!!11!!1one!!!111" kinda way ^_~

Joseph   06-January-2004 - 20:06:34
I'm still not that good, but I have learned how to draw anime rather quickly!!!!!!!!

Joseph   06-January-2004 - 20:10:26
Oh I forgot add, I'm going to become a video game designer and need to be able to draw. You've help me alot Julie thanx.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meaghan   14-January-2004 - 16:42:25
A...MAZ...ING. Your tutorials were SOOO helpful.All of the topic-things were great.thx....Could you add somethin' for hands though? ^_^

WillowDragon   30-January-2004 - 13:00:58

Chris   18-February-2004 - 15:38:50
This is an amazing site! It helpt so much! Thanks alot Julie!

Alma   24-February-2004 - 16:53:14
Very nice and descriptive!!! Thank you my freaky-darling!!!

Sam   02-March-2004 - 21:14:54
its helped me a lot

Zack   16-April-2004 - 21:54:12
Cool site. I'm not a preffesional artist, but I'm pretty good. I'm not that good with hands, so I usyally draw peaple with their hands in their pockets. I've never been that good with hair and faices either. But when I visited this sight it became quite a bit easier. I'm still mostly tracing the hair and the basic outline of the heads, but other than that and the hands, I'm good! Thanks Julie. Note: If anything's misspelled, sorry! I'm a fast typer. Especially for my age.

Eric   28-April-2004 - 18:37:23
actually this sites sorta ok but it pails in comparison to pylonkarbon.com it has tutorials on stuff you'd have never thought of

Ferima   05-May-2004 - 18:20:33
Man,your tutorial is awesome! It's sort of detailed and uses a lot of other things i don't understand, but other than that, it's cool. Do u practice, Julie? even if u don't, you still got mad skills. if u need to learn to draw manga( and at the same time, learn basics about human anatomy), visit this website! once again, it's awesome.

Gman   20-May-2004 - 22:25:58
Man Julie I love your web-tutorials. They are really helping me learning to draw animes much better. VERY TIGHT site. I LOVE IT! :)

Jenny   21-May-2004 - 12:31:48
This site was very helpful, informative, and easy!

chad   19-July-2004 - 17:14:53
this site helped my just like that!!

Muhammed   27-July-2004 - 12:02:22
simply U re the best..ur site was very useful to me & others
i salute U

Jeremy   05-August-2004 - 10:27:59
your tutorials were a huge help to me and since from learning from your tutorials I can draw alot better anima drawings now,thank you julie.

Kayte   12-August-2004 - 17:17:00
Best I've seen so far

Andrew   14-August-2004 - 16:21:36
This site is definetly the best to draw and learn manga. I suggest this site to everyone that loves and to be taught manga. Thanks Julie! I learned alot in this site. Long live manga!!!

Eugene U   18-August-2004 - 03:38:31
This is the Best site I've seen for learning how to draw anime. Great job Julie.

Chris Lock   22-August-2004 - 13:32:30
this website rocks, i used the 'D' tutorial, and am so pleased with how it turned out. thank you for creating such a great site, i wil definatly be returning, and spreading the word about this site.

Ashe   27-August-2004 - 01:12:21
Awesome job. I love the tutorials :)

Sarah   12-September-2004 - 14:30:54
I really wanted to learn to draw anime and this site taught me. This site is good for begginers and experts. THAKYOU FOR TEACHING ME JULIE!

Sabz   12-September-2004 - 18:51:21
Great site. never see better!

amber   15-October-2004 - 19:30:40
this site is alright i guess

john fontain   17-October-2004 - 16:28:15
I really want to learn how to draw anime and I will like that to be my job

Hitaro Youdono   19-October-2004 - 12:14:59
Taihen Kekkoo.

Rach   11-November-2004 - 16:37:22
thatx hepas this stuff will come in handy :D

Rabid Hiei Fangirl   20-November-2004 - 15:22:51
now that i look back at my drawings i know they suck but before i thought i was so good... now my friend who i thought drew so much better than me is comparing her drawings to me and the best drawer in the school!!! THANX JULIE!!!

SnoopPup   03-December-2004 - 21:01:59
Awsome Website!!! Your site is really good Julie

Maddy Kitsune   06-December-2004 - 13:47:14
This web site is very understandable. Unlike other sites I have visited, it does not skip right to the 50th step on how to draw. I also think all the pictures are very nice too.*

Inunyabi   13-January-2005 - 17:37:35
This website is great! ^^; I really enjoyed. Except for the fact that they dont teach you how to draw hands... I really suck at hands TT!

Megan   18-January-2005 - 22:32:43
Great site; learn alot from it...

rocky white   24-January-2005 - 23:59:28
this site showed me what i needed when i had truble starting my comic

Becca   29-January-2005 - 16:05:40
OMG! at first i didn't even kno how 2 draw anime, but after visiting her website, I'm REALLY GOOD! THANK YOU!

olivia   03-February-2005 - 09:19:09
dear julie,

this site rock
it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
well any way gtg but i love you homepage!!!

from olivia

slick   08-February-2005 - 20:38:31
This is the best [and onlyist] drawing
site I have been to it is really cool.

harold   09-February-2005 - 18:57:12
I think your site is great, but i think you should put how to draw hands and feet and also muscles for the men thats what i have problems with

lizzie   21-February-2005 - 14:08:37
I really liked the layout of the site, I also found it very easy to use when I was having some trouble with a person! Thanks!

NNienna   22-February-2005 - 01:39:42
It's a really cool site for ppl who wanna learn manga/anime.
If your serious about your drawing then that's cool, if your not...it doesn't matter, it's a site all but the seriously-suckey-artistically -chalenged-people can understand and use!

Erika   28-February-2005 - 18:10:08
Now that I have tried to draw from this site, my friends think I am the best drawer in the Class!!You rock(whoever invented it!!)

Lizi black   05-March-2005 - 15:36:02
I like how you told what the expressions represent instead of just showing some pictures, it does help out. Ive been skecthing some anime for about 3 years although I dont know where I could mabye advertise it, so I was thinking it would be cool if you put some info. on your com. about where people could advertise there work. Oh and com. is my term for website. cheers, love Lizi

Kristy   19-March-2005 - 16:15:41
It was so magical.

Lavender B/M   21-March-2005 - 00:22:38
I found this site VERY helpful in drawing and whatnot. I really liked how it explained everything step-by-step. That made it extremely easy! Thanks!

deirdra   22-March-2005 - 05:55:30
i love your site especially the hair section. thanx for putting a section on how to draw the hair in motion, that was really helpful! i hope you add more soon-maybe more on eyes?

lola23   27-March-2005 - 15:17:27
this was a fun and learningful sire!

Alister   02-April-2005 - 02:50:28
People were saying stuff about FF7?!?!?!?!


There is no FF stuff in the specific characters part.. help?

Kris   02-April-2005 - 17:51:46
Great site, I've looked at a lot of sites and this was the best I've found so... Nice job!

kevni   06-April-2005 - 21:05:18
his is the best site. I am going to tell all my friends about this site.GOOD WORK

ATIRAGEPRO   14-April-2005 - 06:20:42
So far this is the best one i've seen. It dosn't make alot of stipid robotic rules like most of the other ones do. It bases its self around natural forms of drawing art.

Kaylee   28-April-2005 - 15:20:33
I love this site, i have wanted to be able to draw like this for ages and your site has just got so much information on it. It is really good. :)

Gaya   14-May-2005 - 03:52:15
it was brilliant it covered loads of basic stuff which other web sites dont cover, but whic are super important. thanks!

Jake   01-June-2005 - 10:11:23
Your magna site is great! It descibes it in great detail! All of the other websites act as though everone who logs on to their website is a pro at drawing! So they just start off on all of the hard stuff and don't show the basics. I'm sorta a beginner, so, your site's helping me alot!

Azaria   18-June-2005 - 18:09:00
This web site helped me to learn how to draw and now I am an artist I would like to thank this web site so much.

Megan   24-June-2005 - 16:28:56
This site has really really helped me out alot! I've improved alot ever since I went on it and took the time to actually attempt a decent drawing. If you would like to leaern how to draw better...I strongly advise this site. =)

Dianne   07-July-2005 - 13:06:09
I love what I drawn with this site!

Lil_asiun_gurl   15-July-2005 - 14:12:16
This Place is quite nice, I got alot of Ideas on how to draw things. THis could really help alot of people, KEEP DRAWING EVERYONE!!

Dan   30-July-2005 - 09:57:29
Julie I love ur website but im stuck on hair...............

Kim   31-July-2005 - 20:29:11
Very good "learn to draw manga" site exactly what i was looking for

stef   07-August-2005 - 00:03:58
I learn the basics of anime drawings like it . . . a lot of time spent at the computer and a lot of practice after, I was able to draw simple figures. But if you want to draw more complex anime search in other website or books. But this is a really good site to learn the basics!

Love me!   08-August-2005 - 23:14:53
omg this is one good site!! learned a lot from it thx!!

Mozes   09-August-2005 - 00:43:06
for a beginner i find this very informative for it's detailed basics

Bryan   09-August-2005 - 14:08:18
Hey Julie I've been a fan of your site for a while now.Every time i get stuck with a drawing pickle I come to your site.i love the way you set it up,it has a lot of your prsonality shining through I bet.I just wanna say thanks and keep up the good work.

Tianna   24-September-2005 - 00:42:44
I love this site and I thank it. I've always been a okay drawer but I finally admit, I need help on Anime Drawing thanks so much. I hope to get better at it soon!!!!!!!!!!!

michael massoud   05-October-2005 - 19:49:05
i always wanted to learn how to draw anime and this site has thought me how i just want to thank the creater of this site and now i can impress all of my friends that i can draw i was never bad but this has help me so much

michael massoud   05-October-2005 - 19:51:46
thanks julie

Syd   03-November-2005 - 17:13:46
This is the best manga/anime place i've been to so far!!!^_^

Kelsey   16-November-2005 - 22:27:52
That was a really good tutorial. I still suck at drawing anime, but I liked that a lot. Thanks ;)

Gabby S.   18-November-2005 - 18:41:01
This place is great!! This is where i learned how to draw Anime!!!

Sylvia   24-November-2005 - 03:10:46
i have always been a HUGE anime and manga fan but never really knew how to draw. Ever since i've been reading how-2-draw manga books and THIS site, i'm apparently an expert....not really....:S actully im not that good....

summer   25-November-2005 - 15:50:58
Great webpage

aubrey   07-December-2005 - 18:28:19
all i can say is awesome. ^.^

Ashley   08-December-2005 - 15:12:37
Thank you for the ideas they really helped!! # #
. ' . .....

John Jacobs   17-December-2005 - 22:24:30

Nicole Marie A.   24-December-2005 - 01:50:37
this tutorial was great. and i was looking for something because i have just been studying shows and attempting it. they came out alright but it was nice to see actual instructions for anime... since i like it so much better than other animation styles. so thanx a bunch. its totally and completely apprietiated by me and other artists. I just know it will help a ton!!

k.c   24-December-2005 - 10:39:15
it helped me tons~

Kumiya   28-December-2005 - 19:09:12
I learned alot more than what I knew like side ways eyes and clothing!
I even draw manga comics!(very poorly tho) but after this I'm much better than before! Julie you rock!!!!!

Tori   29-December-2005 - 11:20:55
when i was searching to draw manga thats the first site that came to me! i love it i draw lke a professional now!


final fantasy 7 (Julius W)   05-January-2006 - 00:48:09
This site rocks it is VERY helpful for starters like me if you want to learn how to draw fast this is the site for you.

I think you should start NOW!!!

Carol   18-January-2006 - 10:43:50
Well ilike this one because it tell us how to do it and not only 1 type of anime but more like differnt styles

Hodo   27-January-2006 - 14:45:28
I visited that site alot ^^ but I want to look somewhere else that I can raise my level up.. I already completed it..just need more-sighs-

forrest newsome   07-February-2006 - 19:48:10
need to put how to draw manga hands for people who cant draw hands for their caracters they are drawing

karina   08-February-2006 - 04:13:41
i loved it i just started and now iam a complete expert :) thankyou :) i recomend this site for everyone who starts manga it's really easy to understand

Ilia   12-February-2006 - 11:30:07
This actually helped even thhough I already know how to draw but none the less the drawing tutorial will help me get better in drawing

Kagoura   13-February-2006 - 17:58:53
THIS SITE IS SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just found this site and it is awesome!

bobiy   06-March-2006 - 20:43:40
this site is cool. It is easy to learn from.

Bonnie   11-March-2006 - 06:29:40
I love this website.Thank you so much for the advice given, my characters that i drew is now better than before (well to me, don't know what the others think). Keep up the great work!!! ;)

Shyam Vasudev   12-March-2006 - 03:27:40
Its a great site,it is more eaiser 4 layman.Eveything is explained very well.Great Job Julie (^_^x)

meliss   25-March-2006 - 12:36:42
this site rock, its the best place to learn how to draw anime its great for begginers;)

keita   26-March-2006 - 15:58:24

Kristina   29-March-2006 - 19:00:24
Hii!! im 13 years old! Your such a good artist i learned lots from you!! ^ ^

Selena   30-March-2006 - 18:48:10
I think this is great i need more eyes though and a mouth and mabe a new nose lol bye

Akirria   30-March-2006 - 19:14:24
Hey gurl i lov yo drurring its cuuuuuutte!

J   10-April-2006 - 08:45:27
I think if you really follow the tutorials, anime can seem easy with the easy steps and examples on this site. I hope that more people will visit and take interest to this site.

Ronyo   08-May-2006 - 10:40:30
This site is the best I have seen so far. The drawings are not only shown, but also explained, so that the effect can be achieved with a variety of characters.
The level of drawing too, is very high, and you are made to feel as though you are talking to a close friend and at times, can imagine the how the drawing was accomplished from scratch.

A 10/10 well and truly deserved.

ally   16-May-2006 - 22:42:11
I have been reading anime books and i really
wanted to lear how to draw more anime than what
i know now and make books!and this really helped
me!I <3 this palce ^.^


Leana   23-May-2006 - 18:14:14
i luv this site it really helped when i wanted to learn.

Bevan   02-June-2006 - 18:30:09
This web site was my first introductory to manga. I did not know about shape's lines and construction and wot not, and you know what, those shape's are quite helpful. Yes I've been working on manga now for six months since the day I found this web site Im awear that juile said that this tutor is not an over night miracle but a start since then Im learning perspective and perfecting my characters read alot of books I got on the internet (some books are how to draw manga in perspective and the anatomy of the human body both by K's art) building up a CV, port foelio, computer skills story telling and uni on and on yaddy yaddy yaddy yaaaaa yeeeah UNI FOR UNIVERCITY and all thanks you julie thanks alot.

matthew   07-June-2006 - 19:06:17

alejandra   14-June-2006 - 15:37:00
hey diz site really helped me with drawing animes even tho i neva did one before..so ya ....this site just helped alot ... ^_^ !!!!!

john dennis   18-June-2006 - 09:12:27
this site gave me all the stuff i needed to draw anime

kyo   24-June-2006 - 12:42:10
you rock

sarah   27-June-2006 - 10:36:04
i love this site!

Danielle   04-July-2006 - 02:30:08
Thanks for the awesome tutorials on some of the things I struggled drawing!

Alvin   06-August-2006 - 04:04:37
WOW!! the tutorial helped me alot,this is a Vanguard for those who want to draw anime/manga like a pro! THANKS!!!(ASTIG!!!)

Adam   08-August-2006 - 17:17:51
This site has help me start but i would like it more if u made better or simpler hair examples but i have recamended you to all my anime friends and they agre that this site rocks hard keep up the good work

Riley   14-August-2006 - 18:04:29
This site is so cool! I've learned to draw anime really well in just two days! You have really got to check this site out!!!

David   20-August-2006 - 08:28:32
The site is very detailed with everything almost to a start a drawing.

Emma (   25-August-2006 - 16:45:39
it was the best , anime tutorial site i've ever found ,
rock on! xx("0) xx def the best. unless sum1 can prove me wrong!

Bekka   27-August-2006 - 15:09:44
this is the best site ive been on in my life. period. i love drawing and this website taught me so much! im luvin it luving it luving it, im luvin it like this

Haley   30-August-2006 - 18:06:40
I love this site it taught me alot. :) :D ;)!

You don't need to know   04-September-2006 - 00:57:46
This site is excellent! The human form is very difficult to draw and I was struggling on some areas. This site improved my drawing skills and I would recommend it to anyone.

eddy   08-October-2006 - 18:07:42
hi every one,i have to admit this i've never seen anything like it,,,will to me it is! because i've been drawing for over 6 years but i never know that it was gonna be as easy as that with those basics,it really gets me to creat my own character very easy and in the way i want it...thanks to u guys....

Patrick Larabee   09-October-2006 - 20:04:51
As a beginner in drawing anime I found this website to be amazingly helpful. While filled with viable strategies and even precise steps for drawing a few characters it promotes your own drawing and your own characters, which I feel is hard to find in sites. Please take some time to read over this brief tutorial and practice, I promise you will learn or better your ability in some way. Thanks Julie!

sorry cant tell   16-October-2006 - 19:19:53
!v! it was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynda   30-October-2006 - 00:39:52
OMG! this is an extemely helpful guide....I am a thirteen year old trying to draw anime...I LOVE anime! Your guide is very detailed, explicit, and very understandable...you must have taken a long time to do this....on a scale of 1-10, I'd have to give you a 15+!!!!^_^ good job! My hat's off to you!!!!!!! I like your style of male eyes, but, it seems that style is more for men and older teenagers. What if the character's a boy, or young teenager? Wouldn't it be better to use the "female" eyes? Just a thought...not a critism. GOOD JOB!!!!!!! I reccomend this guide to all who read my reveiw!!!!

kristie   03-November-2006 - 22:54:18
awesome site your kool-aid

alex   19-November-2006 - 09:13:11
i don't wanna' dissepoint you guys but these pictures are stollen from other tutorials on this site http://www.angelfire.com/apes/drawdragonballz/dbzframes.html
the information isn't but everything else is and these tutorials are much better

Beth   28-November-2006 - 12:32:40
I thought it was awesome! Especially for beginners, I'm more advanced, but I showed it to my friend and it totally helped her with her artwork!

Jimmy   12-December-2006 - 14:42:52
I think this web site is absoloutley fantastic because i produced my first manga drawing in roughly 45mins and it turned out brilliant.

Anime_Gur_14   15-December-2006 - 13:42:06
Omg..This is soo good now i'm good at anime darwing..CHA!

cebolenkosi   14-February-2007 - 08:07:04
it is an exclent site to learn from i would recommend it to any one who wants to learn how draw anime

Foxhound   15-February-2007 - 14:20:30
I love it! It's better than all the others I found and way easier!

May   01-March-2007 - 16:42:58
I like how it teaches you how to draw the hair its very instructful and fun ^_^ :P

Chauncey   09-March-2007 - 16:35:53
THIS WEBSITE IS THE..escuse me THEE best

Rey   16-March-2007 - 02:55:34
this website rocks! Thanks Julie to teach me how to draw everything. With your help, everybody in my class loves my art!

rockstar!   25-March-2007 - 03:40:04
I loved drawing manga but I could NEVER (and I mean never!) get the eyes right.
Your site is so class and detailed it helped me lots!! Thanks Julie!!

Veronica   25-March-2007 - 14:16:52
I love reading, watching manga. but then one day i really wanted to draw it. i had millions of ideas on how to draw my own charachters, how they all look like. but there was one problem...i didnt know how to draw. i couldnt buy any books that could teach me, i dont know. so i started my reseach on the inet and i found this site. i was so amazed because i could learn basic steps. and now i know them and i am trying to draw them. so far i am good. =] thanks Julie.

Danielle   28-March-2007 - 15:57:12
WOW! I never knew that there would ACTUALLY be a site that ACTUALLY helps!
But I guess there can be!! THANK-YOU SO MUCH! You really helped me!
YOU ROCK~! o(^-^)o

Dani   28-March-2007 - 16:04:43
Your awsome Julie! I have always been good at drawing faces and hair, but the
bodies have always been quite a problem. And then i suddenly gave up, and i stated to draw chibis, and THOSE bodies i CAN do. But then suddenly i started to surf the web and i found this awsome site and it has totally helped me!
thank-you! You rock!

Emily   12-April-2007 - 01:02:55
this REALLY helped but can you add a "how to" on HANDS!!
super-double-triple please! ^_^

ads   05-May-2007 - 04:37:22
its all about girls

Damian   20-May-2007 - 09:49:43
This is the best ever website i have ever seen for drawing!!!!!!!!!!!

Partume Animus   07-June-2007 - 15:51:44
This is a good site for just beginning drawers(or for someone just looking to draw fan art). Currently I am working on character design, and it's hard.

Right now I'm looking for how to draw shoes...I can't even find a normal picture of an anime style one. Grr...

Samantha   27-August-2007 - 12:29:13
I just love this site. It has changed my entire way of drawing anime. What I use to draw as anime is now tottally transformed into what may be the best way I will ever draw anime. This site is truely one of the best ways to learn how to draw anime. If everybody on earth would just walk over to this site then the whole world would be covered in anime, almost like an anime TV show, and it would feel as if the anime characters from the TV and the comics just pop out and look so much more real, and it would be like that thanks to this one site that taught us how to draw like this.

TAZZ   06-December-2007 - 16:21:59


NO not THAT . . . IT'S GREAT ! ! !

cyvoria   31-January-2008 - 22:29:46
it might have been helpful to a lot of people!! oh and for me it was ok but a little bit of from what i was hoping to find.

wizzy   17-March-2008 - 20:29:04
I have always wanted to draw anime cuz my friends said it was alot of fun and thanks to this AMAZING site, I finally learned how. I thought you needed to be like a really good artist but this site proved me wrong, anyone can do it if they have some patience!!! thanks julie-u rock!!! :)

fullmetal   08-April-2008 - 14:12:17
man i llllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee it!(^_^)

Brian   20-April-2008 - 19:02:18
Yo, this website stinks! I'm sorry, but this did not help me at all.I am good at magna, bu

Lea   03-May-2008 - 21:21:53
Those tutorials help me so much. I was horrible at proportions before I came to that page.

Joelle   20-May-2008 - 21:32:11
that is the best site ever!

jill   15-June-2008 - 19:05:37
this is the worst thing ever i doesn't tell you how to draw things or anyhting i rather go to to art class.

P.B.   22-June-2008 - 18:24:18
This site is good, except that the Dragon Ballz stuff is a little bit complex for me ( hey, im just a kid)

if any one has any other good easy sites twhich improve your drawings greatly, please email me at zathodium@gmail.com
thanks and nice site

Zayme   30-June-2008 - 00:03:53
I'm sorry, but I have tried this website a long, long time ago, and I did not find it that useful. The technique Julie uses is too stubborn for me.

I found this site useful for me: http://www.mangatutorials.com/
And for clothes and more information, I got most of my anime skills from tutorials on DeviantArt.com, where I learned the "squiggle" technique for clothes. Much easier.

I can understand how Julie's tutorial can help poeple, though. It's simple, easy to follow, etc. Just not right for me. Some people are like that, ya know? =3

Nadia   13-August-2008 - 18:03:20
I gotta agree - I really liked this site. It lacks some useful information like how to draw male figures, however.

And most of it is just self-tutorial. Practice over and over to get it right. Lol but I can tell you I've visited this site at least... probably 7 times?

I'm at the point where I've just learned just a bit on drawing anime heads.

leevz   25-January-2009 - 14:29:30
this website helped me so much.
brought me alot of populerity at school.

RYAN L   26-February-2009 - 22:44:34
I love this websit i needed to learn how to draw anime FAST and this helped SO MUCH!

mike   12-May-2009 - 10:50:45
it's the best site y know

chris o.   27-April-10 - 16:26:37
im fairly new at the drawing of anime characters, but this site really helped me out with alot of basics and medium stuff to draw. it doesnt get a perfect 10 from me since i still believe it needs some more tutorišls... all love from here to magna uni

hello6000   17-September-10 - 22:32:00
almost everyone who commented sounds like a robot.

Robert   17-September-10 - 22:35:02
everyone can either suck me or burn in hell.

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