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Polykarbon: Tutorials! - Comments

Polykarbon: Tutorials! - a large number of illustrated, step-by-step guides on drawing Anime, covering the materials needed, the basics, how to draw hands, feet, hair, men, women, 3/4 views, action poses, facial features, male and female features, clothing, weapons, storyboards and more

Rob Schwartz   17-August-2000 - 14:43:35
Excellent site! It really shows you how to draw manga in your own style and not just copy popular characters.

Matt   17-August-2000 - 22:42:41
This combined with Julies site is all that anyone would ever need!

Darkman 2083   29-August-2000 - 05:42:39
This was one of the most helpful sites that I have come across on the web. It has evrything you need to build yourmanga style characters. A++++

Dustin   23-November-2000 - 23:58:33
This is a site worth looking at.

Jammer   01-January-2001 - 16:49:43
I thought this was a very good site except for one aspect, it goes TO into detailo, it has to many steps. I think this site is a good combo with Julies, Look at julies and things you don't get there(i.e. hands, feet, expressions) you can come here to get more detail on.

morgan   21-February-2001 - 08:47:05
this is about the most useful anime drawing site i have ever found

Gil Bien-Aime   08-June-2001 - 22:15:51
The site with it's tutorials for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro have been SO useful for me! I've improved my art many times over! I really like this site and eventually would like to learn all that it has to offer. Highly recommend

Alesco VanSmythe   16-December-2001 - 17:06:47
This is now my absolute favorite site. The community feeling of the BBS is really helpful!

vitaliano decilio   28-January-2002 - 23:01:41
this page is great. hope u'll continue to share new techniques on anime drawing

Tetsuo   27-February-2002 - 15:03:15
This was a useful site. Especially the section about mechs and female bodies, since I have trouble with both.

Devin   27-May-2002 - 15:12:13
Hey i love your site it is sooo detailed! The reason i came here is i love drawing anime so much my project topic is anime faces! thanks for all your help!!!

Evildracon   10-June-2002 - 15:35:58
everything u need to know about anime.Fantastic.

Brolly   30-August-2002 - 00:41:54
I think poly has a better idea of anime then Julie. The site is full of helpful tips and tricks!

Romenick Tester   05-November-2002 - 17:13:13
This is the best ever website guys,i really learn i lot from you guys.
Thank you!

DarkLady   07-November-2002 - 01:34:49
Great site, i love your drawings, been trying to draw anime. Got a few good ones and in Vo-tech right now for Graphic Design and Advertising, hope that all goes well with my drawings...and good luck to you too!!!!

Clarence Cole   09-December-2002 - 16:34:33
I have been studying this website for a very long time and have learned to draw very well from while gathering skills from people around me.

Marc Rea   11-December-2002 - 19:38:09
Good for computers, not for drawing

Jessie Gil   06-March-2003 - 06:17:10
this site is the best!!!

patrick   15-April-2003 - 00:03:21
dear sir/madam
this was the best site i have found!this site helped me alot with my
drawings. with you help i can now draw great pictures. i do hope you could add more info, then that will be great.

from patrick huang

pat   22-May-2003 - 11:41:53
everything you want to know and more!!!!!-_^

Johnny   17-June-2003 - 23:22:49
This has got to be the best tutorial site on the web about drawing anime. It's like having a person next to you showing you step by step how to create anime figures, proportions and storyboards. This is the greatest. :D

Vicente Pereira   27-July-2003 - 21:00:48
Exelente, Superior, Soy fanatico.

Keiko   11-April-2004 - 18:37:27
this is a great site to anyone who wants to learn how to draw anime/manga.

Katt   30-May-2004 - 11:22:01
PolyKarbon is super-helpful! It covers most of the basics in a clear, simple, and easy to understand way! After going through that tutorioula my anime/manga style are is 5x better! I'd suggest this website to anyone who wants to learn to draw anime/manga style! ^.^
It still lacks a bit in some of the tutorials, but overall it's an excellent site!

Mai   25-July-2004 - 13:16:24
I'm already pretty good in anime but with your help I've improved and learned some new things. Thanks. There's one thing that I'm still not very good at and it's hair. I know how to but I have no ideas. So in the near future I hope to see that you have added a section for people who have no sense of hair styles. Thanks.

Fox   05-August-2004 - 10:39:58
Do u really need a comment...? This site is EXCELLENT... Nuf said...

Azzogat   10-September-2004 - 04:13:54
The site has almoast everything covered, faces,poses,figures,templates,backgrounds,accesories,etc,it even has it's own forum where you can post your art and get critics or suggestions.In one word : GREAT

Alexis   26-September-2004 - 10:17:37
This is the best anime tutorial i have ever seen and is pretty much idiot proof.

Slayer   02-October-2004 - 17:22:45
I thought your site was the best out of all the tutorials i've seen. Yours displays every step people need to be a successful anime artist. Great job! I give it a 10/10.

toan   18-October-2004 - 21:12:48
really helpful in helping me using photoshop to create my manga.
but need more details on teaching how to draw mech

Hash Cookie   15-November-2004 - 03:33:53
this site has helped me a great deal, check it out!

Pandaman   15-November-2004 - 19:52:38
Great site, has all the basics and then some. Has more stuff than any online tutorial I've ever seen. Definetly the best online tutorial on the net.

kevin   24-November-2004 - 23:20:28
i love this site all it needs is more mecha i love to draw normal manga but im really interested in mecha please include more

Nienna   22-February-2005 - 01:45:59
This is a REALLY good site for manga anime fans.
if your not that great a drawer, then its still ok for you.
Make sure you check it out, it's a site JAM PACKED with stuff so have a good look!

Grey   10-August-2005 - 09:09:48
I really liked this cite but some of the pages were down which was dissapointing, anyway all in all this was a good cite.

Jessie Lenne Devineheart   19-September-2005 - 13:28:27
thanks... this website helped me loads. my friend and i are trying to make are own anime t.v show and u helped us a little bit more

michael   03-October-2005 - 23:07:18
cool, i enjoy reading this.......
thia may help me a lot thanks

Kraylena   22-October-2005 - 11:21:07
THis really helped me on the stances and the shapes of my snime characters..it also made my drawing soooo much simpler!

Meiko   11-November-2005 - 04:39:15
Wow! What a COOL website! I love this to the highest level of the measurements! Love ya' to the webmster and the artist and to the mastermind opf this website. I love you!

Ashley henry   08-December-2005 - 14:52:06
Im 14 yrs old and thanks to polycarbon i want to become and animator when i grow up.

Michelle   29-December-2005 - 12:20:22
It was a really good site

amjad   24-January-2006 - 18:59:28
cool site! really helpful

T'Leyah   15-February-2006 - 19:38:27
It is awesome!!!!!

Viki   15-February-2006 - 21:21:27
A great site! I highly recomend it.

harman   20-March-2006 - 17:50:59
polykarbon rocks it really helped me

Alex   12-April-2006 - 07:18:44
Heh, too complex for me. This anime style is quit boring to me, but its worth looking at!

Jhata   18-May-2006 - 15:29:47
This site really gave me a lot of good techniques. I'm fairly experienced with anime art, but despite that, I learned quite a bit here that helped me improve. Look into it. XD Trust me, it'll be worth your time.

Shaun   15-June-2006 - 08:25:36
Absoulute brillaint :D i can now draw!
the steps are awsome and easy to understand


ross   03-July-2006 - 13:22:03
thank you for your site i realy injoy it . sorry for my bad englishe but i want thank you cuz i relly learned much about drawing
thank you agine

Samantha   06-July-2006 - 22:59:20
Great site! seems you have really worked hard on it!

Monica   12-September-2006 - 20:28:30
Fun website u learn quick....

jenny   06-December-2006 - 19:55:00
great site! Teaches you almost everything you might need, has excellent explanations, very qualitative drawing. Very recomended!

Andrée   27-September-2007 - 19:23:02
This really helped! I like how it showed every little detail and example pics! Thanks!

bob   13-February-2009 - 13:10:42
cool, very good, it helped me much

Chloe .   23-March-2009 - 08:37:51
It was well explained with drawings that have helped me improve :)

Koroshiya   13-December-2009 - 10:19:25
LOL it looks like polys well known CONGRATS 10 yrs Strong and counting^^

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