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ExRx (Exercise Prescription) on the Net - Comments

ExRx (Exercise Prescription) on the Net - a large collection of movie clip-enhanced guides and tutorials on weight training, kinesiology and related topics, covering such topics as anatomy-specific exercises, the body mass index (BMI), bodybuilding, calories expended, diet and nutrition, estimated calorie requirements, exercise adherence techniques, exercise and sports psychology, fat loss myths, fitness testing, home exercise equipment, how to develop a workout, light/heavy training, low volume training, one repetition max, periodization training, power training exercises, progressive eating goals, pump & burn, starting on the right foot, target heart rate, toning with weights, weight loss, weight management and much more

Jossie Castro   09-September-2005 - 09:50:05
WOW!!!!! Your site is excellent because I was looking for something that had video clips and the full body exercises thanks to your site I found it all. All of the other sites out there don't even offer half of your exercises and routines. Everything is so detailed just what many people out there are looking for. Thank you so much, i'm forever grateful.

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