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Finger Tips - Comments

Finger Tips - a large collection of step-by-step illustrated guides to making a wide range of crafts, toys, fun food and more, with instructions on how to make a 3D Christmas tree card, an advent calendar, baseball hat stand, bath bombs, book worm book end, bubble wrap cushion, cash cow, cool shades holder, crocodile clips, everlasting pumpkin, french fry butterfly, frozen bath cubes, glow worm, groovy groomer, gruesome goblin, magic money box, mouse house, pizza clock, safety pin bracelet, sock ness monster, spokely dokely, spoon bugs, springboard bird feeder, stain glass window, and more

Noel   20-February-2005 - 03:14:18
I would have liked to have seen at least one of your articles, but after waiting for 5 minutes for the web page to half load I was certainly not interested in seeing what else you had to offer, perhaps I may try again when I have more time to spare. perhaps I have been spoilt with ADSL cable speed - anyway my apologies if you have experienced a computer crash or something



shakera   08-September-2006 - 01:24:20
It is very good and knowledgeable. I would like to learn more easy to make craft articles in 1 minute. Keep it up.

nikole   29-October-2007 - 18:46:24

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