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Gymnastics Revolution: Gymnastics Interactive - Comments

Gymnastics Revolution: Gymnastics Interactive - short illustrated guides to gymnastics exercises for the floor, bars, beam and vault, with instruction on the back handspring, cartwheel, coupé, dip walk, forward roll, front handspring, handstand, pike, possé, relevé, sole circle dismount, split jump, stoop on, straddle l press to handstand, straddle on, tap swing, wolf jump and much more

P Moro   13-January-2006 - 20:43:45
Wow best gymnnastics instruction site I have ever seen! The vids are super clear and make it very easy to understand how the skill works. Highly recommend this site.

puggy   01-February-2006 - 23:17:23
Super site

Katie   25-February-2006 - 19:48:15
Great site! Needs more pictures for demonstration.

Sarah   26-June-2006 - 07:58:36
This site really improved my 3 daughters gymnastics. They're really passionate about the sport and this site kept them in shape and improving without paying for private lessons every day.

Lydia   16-July-2007 - 20:49:34
This site is fantastic! I love this site for two reasons:
1. It gave me inspiration and determination to try new moves.
2. Being both a coach and a gymnast, it helped me understand the dynamics of some of the moves I teach as well as moves that I have struggled on.
I would like to see more moves on floor, though, like leaps etc.

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